2009 Progress Report





· Partnered with Peoria’s medical community to develop the:

------- Illinois Medical Center Clinic

------- Long Term Acute Care Hospital

------- OSF Children’s Hospital

------- Methodist Hospital Expansion

------- Illinois Eye Care

------- Heart Care Midwest

· Developed the Innovation Center to incubate high tech business

· Continued implementation of the Heart of Peoria Plan

· Continued marketing campaign for Renaissance Park

· Developed the Southern Gateway Plan

· Prepared the River Trail Drive Redevelopment Plan

· Developed the Green Edge Plan

· Adopted the Eagle View and Warehouse TIF

· Sixteen TIF developments approved or in process

· Prepared Site for Museum/Caterpillar Visitor—BUILD THE BLOCK !!!

· Continued commercial expansion on War Memorial

· Developed Prospect and Sheridan Road Revitalization Plan

· Facilitated eleven fa├žade improvement requests

· Developed the Hospitality Improvement Zone for Hotels

· Seven Enterprise Zone expansions and 251 improved buildings

· Persuaded all HOP governments to join the Enterprise Zone

· Updated Comprehensive Plan and Economic Deve

lopment Strategy

· Assisted the start up and expansion of numerous businesses

· Worked to retain existing business

· Low interest loans of $880,000 creating and/or retaining 467 jobs

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